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Hello and Welcome 

I'm Kathryn Holm, 

A Montessori teacher, lactation educator and postpartum doula 


I started this website and blog because I wanted to give parents a place to read a professionals opinion about implementing Montessori practices in their homes; pared with the resources to get assistance when needed. Giving you reassurance and a calm space to reflect on your day to day parenting practices. 

Here you’ll find Montessori infant/toddler resources including articles, in home and online consultations, weekly looks into my ever changing toddler classroom and my musings about working with young children. 

You can also find me working as one of the admins on the Facebook group Montessori/RIE Infant and Toddler Support 

     I grew up in a Montessori home, but I did not discover my love and deep appreciation for the method until I started college. The first course I took for my undergraduate degree focused on public education. It was not until then that I began to understand the respect and thoughtfulness towards children that flowed through the Montessori method. After completing that course my focus shifted slightly towards developmental psychology and theories of attachment. During this time I began to understand how much the first few years of life shapes a person. I realized that if I wanted to create positive change in the world and help children to be well adjusted, happy learners, I would have to start at the beginning of their lives. Because of this realization my focus shifted towards pregnancy, birth and newborns. During summers I took Lactation and Postpartum Doula training courses at Bastyr. All the while I kept thinking about Montessori education.  In my junior year I read Montessori from the Start and from this book I discovered Montessori for infants. I was hooked and began to read all that I could about it. Two days after graduating from The Evergreen State College I started my AMI Assistance to infancy Montessori training. I now hold an Assistants to Infancy AMI diploma and a Masters in education with a focus in Montessori education.  

I have spent just about all my life working with children, starting as a mothers helper in 4th grade. Then moving on to babysitting, assistant teaching in high school and working as a nanny during college.  For the past year I nannied for a lovely family ( while I worked to create Lida and finish my M.Ed. In September I moved from Seattle, Wa to Los Angeles, CA to start a small community toddler program.


Education & Certifications

  • Undergraduate degree in Developmental Psychology from The Evergreen State College
  • AMI Assistance to Infancy (0-3) Montessori diploma from Montessori Northwest
  • Lactation Educators Certification from Bastry University
  •  Postpartum Doula training from Bastyr University
  • Masters in Education with an emphases in Montessori education from Loyola University Maryland
  • RIE Fondation trained