Why Lida?

Many months were spent contemplating what name would fit our services well. Should we emphasize Montessori or Doula work? Lactation assistance or altering home spaces?  Going back and forth between names relevant to both paths and coming up empty handed. Nothing fully encompassed all the hopes for what would be accomplished.  

One night I stumbled across a video by Penny Simkin’s.  It was about singing to infants prenatally and the powerful impact it can have on families after the birth. The idea of giving a child a personal song inspired me. What songs had shaped my early childhood? I thought back to memories of my parents singing to me. Many songs came to mind, The Garden Song, Train Whistle Blowing, and Lovely Agnes. Then I thought of my dad singing me Lida Rose before falling to sleep at night. It struck a powerful chord within me.

Lida is named after this song, after my father, and my family. It is there to remind me of my roots and to place importance on human interaction in infancy. Lida highlights singing to our children. Interacting with them on a deep level. It reminds us that we are our child's first and most important to guide when forming themselves.